An erect penis will appear on UK television for the first time

Channel 4 aims to break taboos by showing an erect penis on British television

The report «Yo y mi Penis» (Me and My Penis) is broadcast on Channel 4 at 10:00 pm on Monday, August 31. It will show images of eight erections with the aim of breaking the taboo surrounding the male sexual organ. For the first time an erect penis on UK television.

The controversial program, which is creating a stir, includes several interviews with men talking about their member and sexuality. For example, from a former policeman who cannot drive a car without getting excited, to a transsexual who talks about her fear of female puberty.

One of the most striking cases involved is a former soldier who lost his legs and suffered a serious injury to his genitals. This happened to him while performing a bomb disposal in Afghanistan.

The ex-military man states in the report: «When they told me that I had lost my testicles, I shrugged my shoulders. I couldn’t cry right away. Later I did. Sometimes I got «horny» and couldn’t do anything about it.

The documentary is directed by the artist Ajamu, who took pictures of the men participating. Ajamu is a British artist, curator, archivist and activist. He is known for his art photography that explores same-sex desire and the black male body. He documents the lives and experiences of black LGBTQ people in the UK.

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Channel 4

Speaking to The Guardian, he maintained that it was time for men to be able to open up to their experiences: «we need to be less ashamed of our genitals.

Channel 4 maintains that although unwritten rules prohibit an erect penis from being shown while performing sexual actions, there should be no problem showing it in an artistic way.