It happened just a few days ago and was shaken by its horrifying images. A traffic accident that has caused great controversy on social networks. Specifically, the accident in which a car falls off a bridge after being hit by a truck, occurred on November 11th on a bridge in the Chinese city of Zhongshán. This town is located in the province of Canton, and it should be noted that at least two vehicles were involved, a car and a truck.

In the filming by traffic control cameras, a truck is observed that when stepping on a metal object that was on the road, caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle. He didn’t have time for much else, lost control of the direction and crashed into a car. After the impact, the car made several turns until it fell off the bridge.

At first it was thought that the accident occurred because the driver of another car, which is shown in the pictures that was parked on the bridge, had placed a hydraulic jack on the track instead of an emergency signal. However, the Zhongshan Local Police clarified that the metal object was a fragment of the bridge expansion joint. Thank God, it should be reported that all occupants of the damaged vehicles survived the accident.