An amazing find by several swimmers at Kilauea Falls beach in Hawaii. The shore dawned one morning with a spectacular visitor, a mermaid. The first information indicated that she was inert, but unfortunately she died.

Sirena 4

The pictures taken of her body are really impressive, and honestly they didn’t know what to say about the reality of it. Those present were unaware of what was happening.

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Mermaids are mythological sea creatures belonging to the legends. They are an anthropomorphic figure created from a dissected and cut-out line. Originally, in classical antiquity, they were represented as hybrid beings with the face or torso of a woman and the body of a bird.

However, from the Middle Ages onwards they took on a pisciform appearance: beautiful women with a fish tail instead of legs that dwelt in the depths. In both cases they were attributed with an irresistible melodious voice with which they madly attracted sailors.

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They possessed an attractive and hypnotic musical voice with which they bewitched the sailors who passed by their shores. Once «in their nets», they would lead them to death.

Sirena 5
A close-up of the mermaid when she was still alive

The first written testimony we have of them is the mention of the Sirens in Homer’s Odyssey. Before that they already appeared in artistic representations of antiquity, specifically in monuments and funerary offerings.

Sirena Egipto
Mermaid found in Egypt

The fame of the mermaids derives from the episode these beings play with Ulysses in the above-mentioned Homeric poem. During the return journey to his Ithaca homeland, Fort Ulysses, warned by the magician Circe, passes by his island and manages to escape unharmed from the danger of his song, after tying himself to the mast of the ship.

Sirena Esqueleto
Mermaid Skeleton

It is accepted customary to assume that the sirens enthralled the sailors. They would make the sailors crash into the nearby reefs, so that they could devour them more easily.

Mermaids in Hawaii

In spite of the spectacularity of the images that appeared in Hawaii, they are sculptures used in the famous film «Pirates of the Caribbean: on Mysterious Tides». It is actually a Hollywood experiment. The author has a name and surname, specifically, Joel Harlow, a professional who is behind the special makeup of many famous movies.

He was involved in the make-up effects of many Hollywood blockbusters, such as «The Grinch», «Artificial Intelligence», the remake of «Planet of the Apes», «Constantine» and also in the first installment of «Pirates of the Caribbean». He is a close friend of Johnny Depp and the director of «The Pirates of the Caribbean», Gore Verbinski, as well as the producer of the same, «Jerry Bruckheimer».

In this video you can see Joel Harlow with his team during the creation of the mythical mermaid that appeared on the beach and of course in the movie of «The Pirates of the Caribbean», without a doubt the result is chillingly real.

Mermaids are a type of creature found in ancient Greek mythology. Mermaids are usually described as beautiful but dangerous creatures. In Greek mythology, mermaids were known to seduce sailors with their sweet voices, and by doing so, they would drag them to their deaths.